A bowl of soup

Retina UK’s Souper Tuesday

Be a souper-star and raise funds whilst having lunch for #TeamRetinaUK

Could you gather colleagues, or your community group together to enjoy a simple lunch in your workplace or community? Come together on your team’s office or community day, enjoy some down time and get to know each other, all whilst raising funds for Retina UK.

How it works

Holding a Souper Tuesday lunch, of tasty soup and fresh bread, during the cold winter months leading to spring, is a great way of bringing people together and helping others. Simply let us know that you’ll be taking part and we’ll send you a pack to help you get started and raise some funds.

You’ll need facilities to heat the soup, mugs or bowls, some spoons, and napkins for the bread. If no reheating facilities are available, a simple ploughman’s lunch could be a tasty alternative!

We suggest that you ask for a donation of £3 – £4, or the amount you’d usually spend on lunch.

Support for you

With Retina UK’s Souper Tuesday, fundraising is soup-er easy:

  • We’ll send you a pack full of fundraising help – with a collection box, stickers and more!
  • In your pack you’ll also find sim specs and leaflets to help raise awareness of inherited sight loss and Retina UK.
  • If you have a question or need a helping hand, our fundraising team will be happy to help.

The difference you can make

With your fundraising you’ll provide support for today and help search for treatments for the future.

  • Donating £4 could fund the use of a state for the art microscope for half a day to enhance understanding of inherited sight loss.
  • Raise £100 at your lunch and you and you could help ten people to access our helpline and vital information and support.
  • Raise £170 and you could help find future treatments by funding a researcher for a day.

Tips to make your fundraising soup-erb

  • Set up a fundraising page so that anyone who can’t attend or who doesn’t have any change can still support you. Don’t forget to say what you’re doing, add a photo and a fundraising goal. We recommend using JustGiving or Facebook Fundraising (if you’re not already logged into Facebook on your browser and use the app, click on the app menu, scroll down to ‘fundraisers’ and click ‘create a fundraiser’).
  • Promote your plans with a poster  (Word document | 71 KB).
  • Add a sprinkle of colour with bunting (PDF file | 258 KB).
  • Whether you’re after some extra decorations or want to save time on cooking, speak to your local supermarket – they’re usually very happy to support charity events with a store voucher. Let us know and we’ll write you a letter of support.
  • Shout about your success and share your snaps using #TeamRetinaUK.

Make your fundraising soup-reme

We’ve got some ideas for taking your fundraiser to the next level:

  • Sell pin badges for £2 each (you can ask us to include these with your pack as you sign up).
  • Add some competition with an award for the best office soup or a tabletop raffle with tempting prizes!

Sign up to Retina UK’s Souper Tuesday

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Need a hand?

If you would like help or support please contact our Fundraising Team on 01280 815900.

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