A large group of Retina UK volunteers standing outside in the sunshine

Meet our volunteers

Volunteers founded our charity in the 1970s and they continue to be at our heart.

We simply could not deliver our information and support services without our dedicated volunteers. Our Helpline, Talk and Support service and Local Peer Support Groups rely on their commitment.

Our volunteers

A woman with long fair hair wearing a Retina UK tshirt

Meet our volunteers: Cindy Peacock

“Being part of something and feeling that you are not alone,” are just two of the positive benefits Cindy Peacock says she experiences as a volunteer with Retina UK.

Joe Rizzo-Naudi

Meet our volunteers: Joe Rizzo-Naudi

Our amazing volunteers are diverse in age, background and ethnicity. The one thing they have in common is that they are all living with, or directly affected by, an inherited sight loss condition.

Steve Goulden on the left of the image and Khadeja Ali on the right

Meet our volunteers: Steve and Khadeja

Steve has been volunteering for Retina UK since its formation in 1976 and has been a part of the Helpline team since the early 1980s.. He remembers very well a caller named Khadeja, who called the Helpline multiple times, following her diagnosis with RP in 1999.