Discover Wellbeing

Discover Wellbeing

We have created Discover Wellbeing to help people affected by inherited sight loss to develop an awareness of emotional wellbeing and the practical skills to adapt to life’s ups and downs.

We worked in partnership with Arthur Ellis, a mental health and wellbeing organisation, to create this innovative resource. It has been shaped by many people affected by inherited sight loss conditions who kindly shared their experiences with us.

The courses

There are three courses and all are free to access. You can select the course you feel most relates to you at the moment. You can revisit Discover Wellbeing at any point in the future and can complete as many of the courses as you wish:

  1. Early stages – understand your feelings of apprehension and take positive practical steps to prepare for the future.
  2. Living with change – understand your feelings of loss, adapt to a reduction in sight and take practical steps to live a positive life today.
  3. Supporting others – learn practical skills and access tools to use to look after yourself whilst learning how to support others. This is designed for family members and professionals.

Dr Mhairi Thurston introduces her own wellbeing journey

Jon Manning introduces Discover Wellbeing

Accessing support

You may choose to complete the modules on your own or with the support of a volunteer who lives with sight loss who will contact you regularly for encouragement and support. Please note the volunteers are not trained counsellors.

If you would like to be put in touch with a wellbeing volunteer please email Note this is only available to people living with, or supporting those living with, inherited sight loss conditions.

This project has been made possible thanks to sponsorship from Janssen and grant funding from Novartis.

Please see our Information and Support pages for information on our other services.

Note: The modules aim to help you maintain positive emotional wellbeing. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges and you need help urgently for your mental health, but it’s not an emergency, get help from NHS 111 online or call 111