Annual Conference – 24 June 2023

Welcome and housekeeping: Matthew Carr

Introduction to the day: Tina Garvey

Stronger together: working in partnership to achieve our aims Introduction, Kate Downey (Janssen UK) and Martin Hills

Stronger together: Working in partnership: Rob Cooper (RNIB)

Stronger together: working in partnership: James Clarke

Stronger together: working in partnership - Q&A

Tomorrow's world: The technology of the future: Glenn Tookey & Dr Robert Quinn

Welcome back: Matthew Carr

Strategic vision of treatment for all: Kate Arkell

Gene therapy - augmentation, editing and silencing: Professor Tara Moore, Ulster University

The potential of stem cell treatments: Professor Lyle Armstrong, Newcastle University

Practical example of gene therapy: Mr Kanmin Xue, University of Oxford, Oxford Eye Hospital

Practical example of the role of synthetic implants: Professor Paulo Stanga, The Retina Clinic, London

Medical Q&A

Audio only Conference recording

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