Meet our community: Bhavini Makwana

Bhavini was diagnosed with RP in 1997 aged 17. The consultant who confirmed her diagnosis told her that “there was no cure or treatment and she should prepare to go blind".

She said:

“He couldn’t advise me how long it would take, it would be years, months or even weeks. His words stuck with me. I tore up my UCAS Application form to study Business Law at a university away from my home town, I stopped taking driving lessons, I never accepted a social invite from my friends and slowly isolated myself.”

For 15 years she was unable to accept her sight loss and hid it from those around her. But with the support of her family and Retina UK, Bhavini has come to terms with her visual impairment and made many positive changes to her life. She received support from Retina UK’s helpline and attended the charity’s information events and support group meetings.

Genetics testing and counselling

"Receiving Genetic counselling after learning of my specific gene causing my RP, meant that I finally understood the pattern and how no-one in my family history could be identified. Learning how I ended up being affected and most importantly the worry, stress and guilt of passing the eye condition to my own children was addressed."

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