Here you can download or stream recordings from our meetings and conferences, these will usually be made available free of charge a few days after the events.

Retina UK is a charity, and we ask you to consider making a donation if you access these recordings. Thank you.

Webinar series

If you missed any of our upcoming webinars, you can watch/listen to the recordings here. Alternatively they are available on YouTube and Anchor FM. Please see links below.

Webinar: Technology solutions (first shown on 26 May)

Webinar: Usher syndrome mini series – part one (first shown on 24 May)

Webinar: “Mini-Retina” – A tool to unlock the future of restored vision in retinal blindness (first shown on 28 April)

Webinar: Medical images and what they show (first shown on 31 March)

Previous webinars