Corporate Partnerships

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Linking your brand or product with Retina UK can be a great way to raise your profile as a socially responsible brand, drive sales and raise vital funds for our work. Contact us about cause-related marketing opportunities and sponsoring of events.

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We have experience in engaging and encouraging employee-led activities and are able to create and support a strong fundraising programme. Employee fundraising not only allows us to deliver greater impact, but engaging employees in a fun and motivating way significantly increases employee awareness of the partnership throughout the company. This further embeds charitable support into the organisation’s culture and increases awareness and support for all joint activities and initiatives. We can provide you with places in popular events such as runs, cycles or challenges, or create a tailor-made event just for you.

Gifts in

Providing gifts-in-kind in the form of auction prizes or office equipment is a brilliant way of supporting our work.

You can also help to reduce our costs by using volunteer time to share your specialist knowledge with our teams.


Payroll Giving is a simple and tax-effective scheme, which allows you to donate to the charity of your choice by a direct deduction from your salary.

If your company has a Payroll Giving scheme established the payroll department deducts the amount pledged from your pay. The charity receives your donation, and the tax you would have paid on this amount is added on by the government.

If your company does not have an established Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn) programme then you can sign up individually.

If you would like to discuss Payroll Giving with a member of the Retina UK fundraising team, please call 01280 815900 or email

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