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Research round-up, spring 2023

Progress towards treatments for inherited retinal conditions continues to gather pace and there’s been lots going on in the last few months, with more and more approaches being explored. This round-up gives a flavour of the variety of developments, including plenty that are not specific to a particular genetic fault.

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The Gene Team

Funding from Retina UK has allowed to team to explore the viability of gene therapy as a treatment for RP and related conditions, and build a pipeline of clinical trials.

Autosomal recessive inheritance

Autosomal recessive inheritance means that the faulty gene is on an autosome (any chromosome other than the sex chromosomes) and that both copies need to be faulty to cause sight loss

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Our Partners

We are proud to work collaboratively with a number of corporate partners to enable our community to live fulfilled lives today as well as supporting the pharmaceutical industry in their mission to develop potential new treatments.