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Choroideremia is a genetic condition that causes progressive vision loss, mostly in males, and is due to degeneration of the specialised light-sensing photoreceptor cells that line the back of the eye.

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Types of inherited sight loss

Inherited progressive sight loss is caused by a range of rare genetic conditions. We specialise in those which affect the retina.

About Unlock Genetics

The aim of the site is to increase the level of awareness and understanding of genetic testing and genetic counselling among people living with inherited retinal dystrophies, empowering them to make fully informed decisions about their lives, healthcare and family planning.

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Inheritance patterns

Your doctor or genetic counsellor will spend some time asking about other people in your family to try to work out the way in which your particular faulty gene has been passed down through the generations – this is referred to as the inheritance pattern.

x-linked inheritance

X-linked inheritance means that the faulty gene is located on the X chromosome, the larger of the two sex chromosomes.