Mark Baxter

A Sahara Trek Ode

sahara scene

It’s the end of our trip so I bring you this rhyme,
memories of sun, sand, mint tea and trekking time.

About a bunch of strangers that meet for a quest,
two aeroplane flights and not much rest.

We finally arrive at this strange distant place,
a 60 mile trek the next day we face.

A day of traveling by bus and open back truck,
three hours of standing and all knackered as f**k.


Five nights camping under a bright full moon,
thinking to ourselves it will be all over soon.

All up very early eight hours to hike,
different terrain and peeing where we like.


100km completed from rocky to sand dune,
not long to go and we’ll all be home soon.

My body aches right through to the bone,
I’ve enough of this Sahara lark I’m off home.


I’d like to thank David for the journey you planned,
to Hugo for leading us across this harsh open land.

To Jules the Doc who mends our sore blistered feet
and gives us aid when tired from the heat.

Thanks to Hassan a new mate I’ve made,
for guiding us true and of course breaking my spade.

Water, food, tents and the time it took,
thanks to the guys especially the cook.


To all of you my new found friends,
I hope we stay in contact when this saga ends.

Thanks to the C4 film crew who joined our walk,
doing an interview and having a talk.


The DVD you make will spread optimism and hope,
especially when they see us on that huge sandy slope.

The money we raise will help find a cure,
knowing the research so far works for sure.

Quiet on a sand dune all by myself,
my RP aside I still have my health.

Time alone with the sun on my skin,
my eyes shut thinking what an adventure I’m in.


Never will I forget your sweaty worn out faces,
not to mention Morocco’s sights, sounds and beautiful places.

I say this ode with a tear in my eye,
replaying it over when we’re high in the sky.


So raise your glasses for our last Saharan toast,
for these are the moments we’ll cherish the most.


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