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Therapy development updates

There are many ongoing clinical and laboratory studies around the world, exploring innovative approaches to treating inherited sight loss.

Does gene therapy always have to be gene-specific?

Early 2020 marked an important milestone for the Retina UK community, when the first person with an inherited retinal condition received NHS treatment to potentially slow or even stop the progression of their sight loss.

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Regular giving

Giving a regular monthly or quarterly donation of any amount is a wonderful way to help Retina UK support the inherited sight loss community.

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The Gene Team

Funding from Retina UK has allowed to team to explore the viability of gene therapy as a treatment for RP and related conditions, and build a pipeline of clinical trials.

For professionals

Information for healthcare professionals: Genetic testing and counselling in inherited retinal disease

Retinal transplantation studies

Several groups around the world are investigating the use of retinal transplantation in the treatment of inherited retinal diseases.