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A DNA spiral with a piece removed being held by tweezers

Genetics and gene therapy

When we talk about gene therapy we are usually referring to use of a harmless virus, called a vector, to deliver a normal copy of a defective gene into the cells of the eye.

Our community

We are nothing without our amazing community. They are the reason we do what we do and are a constant source of inspiration to us.

A high power image showing the position of a single transplanted photoreceptor cell (green) making new connections with bipolar cells in the recipient retina (cyan).

Stem cells

Stem cells are a special type of cell, which under the right conditions can be encouraged to grow into any other type of cell in the body, including retinal cells (rods, cones and retinal pigment epithelial cells).

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Get involved

Our community are the reason we are able to continue supporting those with inherited sight-loss conditions through research and practical support.

Research we fund

We are currently funding a range of exciting projects and programmes, all of which aim to enhance our understanding of inherited sight loss, and inform the development of treatments for the estimated two million people affected worldwide.