Ramadan Younes, BBC Reporter

Podcast: Unproven treatments

The BBC World Service has undertaken an investigation of unproven treatments for retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and has produced a documentary film, called Blind Faith, which is available on BBC iPlayer.

This documentary highlights a really significant and concerning issue that impacts families living with rare diseases, including inherited sight loss, and Retina UK applauds the BBC for carrying out this revealing investigation. We believe the programme has the power to prevent others’ risking being harmed by unproven treatments. Watch the BBC Blind Faith documentary on BBC iPlayer.

In this podcast, we talk to the reporter, Ramadan Younes and to Professor Robert Maclaren. Ramadan is living with retinitis pigmentosa and made the documentary to highlight these unproven treatments being offered around the world.

Information and support for those living with inherited retinal conditions is available from our Helpline, on 0300 111 4000 or at Helpline@RetinaUK.org.uk

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