Research in the news (February/March 2019)

Posted on: Friday 29 March 2019

There have been some exciting research developments from around the world in the last few weeks. Here are some stories from our colleagues at other organisations, which we have already shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Stem cell transplant therapy

Encouraging results from an early phase clinical trial investigating a potential stem cell-based therapy for RP. It will still take a few years for this treatment to progress through the rest of the clinical trials process. Published by Pharmaphorum 22 February 2019.

Safer and more versatile ways to deliver gene therapy

Retina UK-funded researcher Dr Mariya Moosajee talks about her work to find an alternative to viral gene delivery. Published by The Opthamologist 5 March 2019.


Researchers have restored vision in mice using a ground-breaking approach, targeting healthy retinal cells that do not normally respond to light and giving them the molecular equipment to take over from diseased light-sensing photoreceptors. The scientists hope to move to human testing in two to three years. Published by Retina International on 15 March 2019.