Research in the news (April – June 2019)

Posted on: Monday 1 July 2019

There have been some exciting research developments from around the world in the last few weeks. Here are two stories that we have already shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Calming chaotic signals

The degeneration of light sensing retinal cells in conditions like RP causes a surge of chaotic signals in nerve cells at the back of the eye, which interfere with remaining vision and make sight loss even worse.

Reporting in the journal “Neuron”, researchers in California describe how they have successfully used existing drugs to quieten this interference and improve vision in mice with RP, providing hope that this approach could be used in humans to slow sight loss.

Find out more from Science Daily (13 March 2019).

Encouraging safety results from early tests of an optogenetics approach

Biotechnology company GenSight has announced positive safety outcomes from the first group of three patients to receive its innovative new treatment, which combines a special type of gene therapy (optogenetics) with a wearable device.

GenSight will now proceed to give the next small group a larger dose of gene therapy and follow their progress.

Find out more from our news story about the trial launch last year (11 January 2018).