Mental health focus groups

We want to find out more about the impact of progressive sight loss on emotional wellbeing.  Have you experienced an impact on your emotional wellbeing and would you be happy to share your experiences with us?

We are looking for people to be involved in 3 online Retina UK focus groups:

  • Are you living with progressive sight loss, still have a relatively good level of vision but are concerned about the future impact of your condition?
  • Are you recently diagnosed or have you experienced a significant change which has impacted on your daily living or emotional wellbeing?
  • Do you have a family member or friend who is living with progressive sight loss?  Have you experienced an impact on your emotional wellbeing?  Have you supported someone whose wellbeing has been impacted?

If you are interested in becoming involved, please click this link and complete the form on this page. Alternatively, email us at and tell us about your experiences.

We are recruiting around 20 volunteers for focus groups at the end of January. If you are not selected please be assured that the information you supply will still be valuable to our project.

Mental Health Focus Groups
e.g. 1967. We are sometimes asked for people who fall within a certain age range for surveys etc.
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Some of the information you are providing is classed as ‘special category data’, which could include sensitive information about your eye condition, genetic diagnosis and health. We will use this information to further our understanding on the mental wellbeing of people with inherited sight loss, working alongside our mental health organisation partner. By replying to this email or following the link to the form you are consenting to Retina UK using and securely storing this information. You can withdraw your consent or update your preferences at any time by contacting us on 01280 821334, email us on or write to us at Retina UK PO Box 350, Buckingham, MK18 1GZ.