Our Partners

A man speaking to a Retina UK member of staff

We are proud to work collaboratively with a number of corporate partners to enable our community to live fulfilled lives today as well as supporting the pharmaceutical industry in their mission to develop potential new treatments. We are very grateful to the following corporate partners for all they do to support our work and our community.

Novartis logo

Novartis has supported Retina UK through project funding and event sponsorship.

ProQR logo

PROQR has supported Retina UK through project funding and event sponsorship. Their research and development pipeline includes pre-clinical and clinical trials relating to Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) 10, Usher syndrome type 2a and autosomal dominant RP caused by a particular mutation in the rhodopsin (RHO) gene.

Santen logo

Santen Pharmaceutical, the specialized company dedicated to ophthalmology, has committed to developing advanced therapies that address unmet needs in orphan ophthalmic diseases. Its primary focus is on accelerating the retinitis pigmentosa program for a human retinal progenitor cell (hRPC) therapy.

Santen’s vision for 2030 is to reduce the loss of social and economic opportunities for people around the world living with eye conditions.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in working with us. We take a flexible and personalised approach to our relationships with corporate supporters – give Fiona a call on 01280 815900 or email fiona.leahy@RetinaUK.org.uk for an informal chat.