Wing Walking

Get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime!

All wing walkers must reach the following criteria: 

Minimum age 18

Maximum age 65 – if anyone above the age of 65 wishes to wing walk we ask that their doctor signs our medical declaration form and that the participant comes to the airfield before they book, to have  a go at climbing onto the wing of the plane. This is because climbing onto the wing can be physically challenging and we want to avoid disappointment if they book, raise sponsorship and cannot climb up on the day of the flight. 

Maximum weight 12 stone 2lb (77kg) – all wing walkers will be weighed on the day before their safety briefing.

Sign a medical declaration and an acknowledgement to say that they understand the risks associated with wing walking. 

Additional information 

Skymax fully insured with £10 million combined third party and passenger liability.


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