Take part in an event

Taking on a challenge event such as a marathon, trek or skydive is a very rewarding experience.


We have many challenge events throughout the year which we have guaranteed places for, so choose your challenge today!

Group of people in walking gear
Dan Powell

“Get on board! By fundraising for Retina UK you will be helping so many people. The challenges are great fun and you know you will be helping to find a cure for these conditions.”

Dan Powell

Retina UK Challenge Event Champion

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Each and every contribution makes a difference, and our friendly fundraising team would love
to hear from you if you have a question or want to get involved. Just call us on
01280 815900 or email fundraising@RetinaUK.org.uk

Mark Baxter trekking in mountains

Reflections in a Broken Retina

My name is Mark Baxter and from an early age I was diagnosed with a deteriorating retinal eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa or RP for short, which will slowly lead to blindness.

With no night vision and very limited peripheral vision I can appreciate how emotionally and physically frustrating living, learning and working