Collection Guidelines

Thank you so much for kindly volunteering to collect funds on behalf of Retina UK. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please familiarise yourself with the following guidelines. This will ensure that your collection is safe, secure and complies with the Code of Fundraising Practice.

In advance of any collection, make sure you obtain permission from the venue (if collecting at a private venue such as a supermarket) or from the local council (if you are planning a street collection). The permission shouldbe in writing.

For static collections (for example collecting tins displayed in a shop or pub), we will provide a letter of authorisation and a site holders agreement. If the site discovers that a collecting tin is lost or stolen, or they want to end the collection they should contact Retina UK.

Cash should be collected, counted and recorded by two unrelated individuals, wherever possible. We recommend you do this in a secure environment, and that you bank the money as soon as possible.

When collecting from the public make sure you dress for the weather in comfortable clothing.

It should be clear that you are collecting for Retina UK so make sure the branding on your tin or bucket (or t-shirt if you’re wearing one) is clearly visible.

The Code of Fundraising Practice sets out a few key guidelines for collecting from the public which include:

  • Being courteous
  • Not pressurising people for donations
  • Avoiding causing an obstruction
  • Not collecting under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or smoking while collecting

If you come across someone who would like to make a complaint, please give them the following details:

Deborah Laing, Senior Fundraising Manager, Retina UK
01280 815900