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Retina UK is the only UK charity that specialises in funding cutting edge research into the causes of inherited retinal dystrophies (IRDs), and the treatments that could be developed in future to prevent and treat sight loss. We are also the only organisation offering dedicated support to the thousands of people in the UK affected by this range of conditions, which cause progressive and unpredictable sight loss in people of all ages and are the leading cause of blindness among working age adults in England and Wales.

An opportunity
to make a

Our Senior Fundraising Manager will work with you to ensure that your charitable aims and objectives are met. Whether your interest in our work is driven by a desire to fund the vital support we provide to people struggling to cope with sight loss, or by a belief that through investing in pioneering research you can help make their challenges a thing of the past, we will ensure that your contribution has a very real impact.

Support for

Accessing information and support can be difficult for people diagnosed with an IRD. Although they will lose their sight, the path to visual impairment is unpredictable and varies from person to person. If you want to fund the only dedicated support services available to people with IRDs in the UK, then Retina UK would welcome your support. You can find out more about the services we provide here.

Hope for

If you want to give hope to children, young people and adults worldwide losing their sight as a result of IRDs, then consider funding our research activity. Our Medical Advisory Board is a committee of scientists and clinicians who will ensure that your contribution is used to fund pioneering projects and programmes, based on the reputations of principal investigators, the quality of the research proposed and the value for money it represents. As experts in IRD research for more than 40 years, we are best placed to identify the most promising opportunities in this rapidly changing field and will ensure that your grant is used effectively.

service and

Our Senior Fundraising Manager will ensure that your reporting requirements are met. You will receive a report which meets your needs, whether that is one of our own carefully prepared updates or the completion of your own template within an agreed timescale. Perhaps you would like to meet with us, speak on the phone, attend one of our events or arrange a project visit. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the value of our work and the impact of your contribution.


You will find our latest annual report and accounts here. If you would like additional information or an informal discussion about funding opportunities please contact our Senior Fundraising Manager Deborah Laing on 01280 815900 or email She would be delighted to hear from you.

A heartfelt
thank you

We would like to thank all the Charitable Foundations who have generously supported our important work. Your contributions have provided a lifeline to people facing inherited sight loss and helped fund the truly inspirational scientists and researchers who are advancing our knowledge of IRDs every single day. With your help, we can aspire to a world in which people will have access to viable treatments and will not lose their sight.