London Marathon 2019

Posted on: Friday 3 May 2019

Twenty seven inspiring people arrived in Greenwich to take on the iconic Virgin Money London Marathon for Retina UK on Sunday 27 April. Together they raised more than £50,000 for Retina UK, which will make a huge difference to the charity.

The team was made up of people of different ages and abilities, some fully sighted and some visually impaired. We were carefully tracking the team via the London Marathon app, and it wasn’t long before our first runner completed the run. Son of one of our Trustees, Alex, completed the marathon in an impressive 3 hours, 12 minutes and 38 seconds!

The finishing times of the whole team can be seen below:

  • Alex B: 03:12:38
  • Alex M-S: 03:49:49
  • Andy: 04:59:11
  • Ashley and Paul: 04:35:22
  • Bill: 04:06:44
  • Can: 06:52:41
  • Craig: 04:53:18
  • Dan: 04:00:00 (approximate due to fault with timing chip)
  • Derek: 07:42:33
  • Diane and Andy: 04:45:34
  • Emanuela: 05:20:00
  • Faye: 04:41:48
  • Joe: 04:58:11
  • Julie: 03:57:42
  • Liz and Stewart: 06:28:18
  • Rachel: 05:08:27
  • Rebecca: 04:29:29
  • Peter: 04:40:37
  • Shaun: 04:30:16
  • Steph: 05:14:35
  • Tom: 04:58:10
  • Will and Tim: 03:56:55
  • Zhu: 06:18:27

As each runner arrived back at the reception in the Taj Hotel they were met by cheers, not just from their own supporters who were meeting them there, but from everyone in the room. The atmosphere was amazing, with everyone celebrating the phenomenal achievements of #TeamRetinaUK. Ashley said:

“I thought the reception was fab and if us runners didn’t already feel great enough, to be welcomed by you guys at the door, reception and then all the friends and family was fantastic!”

Throughout the day we had a wonderful volunteer taking photographs of the runners, firstly on the course, and then at the reception. Jo is studying photography at the British Academy of Photography, and did a brilliant job of capturing the spirit of the day. Thank you so much Jo!We also had a volunteer cheer squad out on the course who really helped to motivate and spur on the runners. Thank you to the volunteers for their support.Tim said:

“The warm welcome and smiling faces really does help to forget the pain of the 26+ miles!”

A massive thank you to the runners and everyone who supported them through this journey. It has once again been a very successful and inspirational event.

Find out more about taking part in a Retina UK fundraising event.

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