How to Get Fit Fast

Posted on: Friday 23 February 2018

How to Get Fit Fast is a new Channel 4 series presented by Amar Latif, the blind entrepreneur and Founder and Director of Traveleyes, the world’s first tour operator offering worldwide group travel for blind and sighted travellers. The show will premiere on the 27th of February, at 8pm.

Exercising can be challenging for those with sight loss, with inaccessible equipment and gyms and lack of support leaving many frustrated at their lack of options. In the show, Amar, who has RP himself, and has been blind since the age 18, learns that you don’t need fancy technology or gizmos to get fit, and that you don’t always need to fork out for a pricey gym membership – you can work out in your lunch break or at home, and still achieve great fitness results!

Featuring cutting-edge science, crazy stunts and a dash of humour, Amar and co-presenter Anna Richardson set out to bust exercise myths, and learn the best ways to get fit, fast!

64% of blind and partially sighted people say that they would like to do more physical activity, and the reason most commonly cited for their lack of exercise was their sight loss. People free from impairments are three times as likely to play as much sport as they’d like as respondents with sight loss.

“Exercise is very important to me, as it is with so many of us. But when you’re blind, it offers so much more. It’s a great confidence booster, and it just makes you feel great,” said Amar. “Though equipment and gyms aren’t always accessible, I’ve discovered some quick and simple ways to get the maximum gains from your workouts!”

As many people lead busy lives, often with little time for exercise in episode one, Amar sets out to explore how to squeeze the most out of workouts, getting the maximum benefits in the shortest possible time.