A statement from the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Don Grocott

Posted on: Friday 4 May 2018

On Wednesday we held an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on whether to change the name of our charity from RP Fighting Blindness to Retina UK. This resolution was passed.

Including those who nominated me as their proxy to vote on their behalf as I saw fit, we had 87% in favour of passing the resolution for us to rename as Retina UK. This is a significant day in our long and proud history. As we come ever closer to treatments it is essential that we are visible, accessible and influential. It is very good that there was such a large majority supporting the change.

I want to assure all our supporters that the charity is not expanding its remit, nor does it intend to encompass other conditions or causes. We simply want to do more of what we do best; funding medical research into inherited retinal dystrophies and supporting those affected. I strongly believe this change will help us grow our charity, reach more people and raise awareness at all levels of inherited progressive sight loss.

Over the coming months you will see the name RP Fighting Blindness disappearing from our communications and being replaced by Retina UK. There is a certain amount of statutory work for us to complete with the Charity Commission and other official bodies before we change, so please, for the moment, continue addressing letters, cheques and other correspondence to RP Fighting Blindness. Your existing fundraising, engagement and information materials can still be used, and we encourage you to continue using them until we supply new ones.

I would like to thank the many people who took the time to engage with us on this important matter. Everyone’s feedback was considered and taken into account. If you have any questions or queries about the process, please do get in contact with the office.

I hope everyone will welcome our new name, as we look forward to the future with renewed determination and drive.

On behalf of the board of Trustees and the office team, thank you for your support.

Don Grocott
Chair of the Board of Trustees