Family Funds

What are

  • A family fund is a great way to fundraise for Retina UK, as a family or group.
  • A family fund is a fantastic alternative to setting up your own charity. We look after the administration, Charity Commission paperwork, accounts and agreed associated costs on your behalf, so that you can concentrate on funding for your chosen interest.

Family funds are a great way to raise funds for specific areas of our work. This maybe research, support, helpline or project based activities.

We are keen to match our work to donor interest and we want to direct your funds to planned projects and broader areas of our activities. Your funds can be directed into the areas that most interest you.

Is it
for you?

Family funds might not be right for every supporter and is important that we match what you need and want to achieve against the options we are able to offer and facilitate.

Before setting up your fund, we will meet to agree your choice and to develop a strategy that allows you and us to develop a great relationship. We also need to agree your Family Fund name.

& Support

  • We will help promote your story on our website. Your Family Fund will have its very own webpage, allowing you to tell your story, raise your profile all backed by our social media activity.
  • You can choose the name of your fund. You can name it after your family, friend or something that fits your project.
  • You will have a dedicated support network from Head Office, who will support your fundraising activities and update you on the impact you are making.
  • We will provide you with a wide range of fundraising materials. They include sponsorship forms, posters, balloons, collecting buckets and tins as well as t-shirts and running vests with the Retina UK logo/brand.
  • Copies of our Fundraising Pack are available to download here.
  • Priority access to specific high demand events.
  • Opportunities that arise across the Charity that may be suitable for you to be part of will be communicated as soon as they arise. This may be in the form of a direct mail/appeal to our database or in one of our communications about research/support development.
  • We are looking at exciting networking opportunities for Family Funds in the future. Hopefully these will enable you to meet other Family Fund members and share ideas and opportunities.


  • You will encourage and support your networks (Family, Friends, Work Colleagues & Local Community) to support your Family Fund by raising funds and taking part in events.
  • We aim to work with Family Funds on a long term basis however, we know that circumstances and situations change. If this happens we will support your decision and choices.
  • Local media plays a significant part in getting support from the local area. The biggest increase in exposure is to be part of all social media. Our team will support your networks and help you develop a strong brand and feature story.
  • Family Funds are the most driven and passionate fundraisers because they have a drive and passion to progress their chosen research or support project.
  • Family funds have impact and can make significant difference in how Retina UK is perceived.
  • You will make a difference.


  • Agree what area your Family Fund will support (research, support etc)
  • Choose Family Fund name
  • Set up page on the website
  • Agree your impact story/video
  • Create a project plan for the first 6 months
  • LaunchCall or email the Fundraising Team and start your journey today.
Emily – 01280 815900