Local peer support group

Men’s Peer Support Group

  • Date and Time info: 25/06/2024 from 19:00:00 to 20:00:00
  • Location: Via Zoom
  • Online

This Gents Peer Support Group provides a welcoming, safe and friendly opportunity for people with inherited sight loss to meet up to share experiences, tips and information.

You are invited to join Mark Baxter & friends for an evening of chit-chat and catching up at our virtual men's group.

Please join us from 7pm, where you can get acquainted with mates both old and new. You will then either move to one of our virtual rooms or pull up a chair and remain in the Lobby.

To encourage the growth of our Men’s peer support group and the exchange of tips, hints and experiences around daily living, different hobbies and interests we are pleased to announce the introduction of 3 new rooms to the group. I’m also delighted to introduce Steve Cox, a new member of our volunteering team that will help support The Tool Shed room and the Men’s group in general. Ex Wood Machinist and Fireman Steve, has a wealth of knowledge from wood turning to pyrography to metal sculpturing.

When registering, simply choose one of the rooms from the drop down list and you will be moved to your chosen room for 20 minutes to allow you to meet and chat with like-minded attendees.

The Tool Shed
Facilitators – Mark – Retina UK’s Information & Support Coordinator & Steve – Our Men’s Peer Support Group Facilitator.
Come and join us in our newly built Tool Shed & custom designed workshop, featuring power tools with voice guidance. What tools are you still confident in using? What do you enjoy building or creating? We can chat, share stories, projects, tips & hints about all things DIY from room renovations to landscaping and work that you are proud of to projects that you find difficult or frustrating.

The Dad’s Den
Facilitator – Damian – Our West Yorkshire Local Peer Group Facilitator.
Are you a Dad or guardian who is living with inherited sight loss and would like to chat with others about the joys of being a Dad? Come and join others and share your parental tips, hints and stories from changing nappies to changing schools, from their first step to their first driving lesson and all the years in between. Sit back and relax with a brew and enjoy the support, wisdom and company of other fathers with retinal dystrophies.

The Clocking Off Conservatory
Facilitator – James – Our Berkshire Local Peer Group Facilitator.
Are you of working age and still punching the clock in and out? Do you have any questions, queries, worries or concerns regarding the workplace? Are you looking for advice about Access to Work or looking to return to work but not sure how to get support? If so come and join us in our luxurious new double glazed conservatory perfect for a warm summer evening.

The Lobby
Facilitator – Dan – Our Local Peer Group Tech Support Volunteer.
Pull up a comfy chair, grab yourself a drink and some snacks and share what’s on your mind from daily living, to your fears, frustrations, worries & woes with a listening ear.

Please feel free to come along and join us to catch up with old mates or to make some new ones, we look forward to seeing you there!



This meeting will be held online via Zoom.