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Amar Latif

Amar Latif

Amar Latif is an adventurer, entrepreneur, TV presenter and public speaker.

In 2004 he launched Traveleyes with the determination to make the world more accessible for blind and visually impaired travellers. Since then he has travelled all over the globe.

He has appeared on our television screens on Travelling Blind, River Walks, and is currently a contestant on Celebrity Masterchef 2020.

“Imagine a couple in a doctor’s surgery with their four year old who they have just heard will be blind by his teens. There is no treatment. They were devastated, concerned by what life limitations their child might face. That child was me.

“Aged 18 I woke up and could no longer see my family’s faces. I was frightened. It felt like the world had ended.

“Every day hundreds of people around the UK lose their sight. They have that feeling too.

“But I am living proof that while some things may be difficult with a visual impairment, with the right support they are not impossible.

“Retina UK provides that support, so that all those affected by an inherited retinal condition can fulfil their potential. This amazing charity also funds vital research, which is bringing us ever closer to treatments.”